Game Credits

Adventure! Game Credits

A huge thanks to everyone and everything below for helping to make Adventure! fun to play.

Game UI elements, character models and other assets thanks to Kenney Game Assets

Character, Item, Ability, Creature and other UI Icons are a big thanks to and all their authors and contributors including: Lorc, Delapouite, John Colburn, Felbrigg, John Redman, Carl Olsen, sbed, PriorBlue, Wildabeast, Viscious Speed, Lord Berandas, Irongamer, HeavenlyDog, Lucas, Faithtoken, Skoll, Andy Meneely, Cathelineau, Kier Heyl, Simon, sparker, Zeromancer, rihlsul, Quoting, Guard13007, DarkZaitzev, SpencerDub and GeneralAce135.

Other UI icons for combat screens are thanks to:

Icicle sword by Rittik-Designs

Sword vector by Nikita Golubev

Spellbook, Backpack and Run icons by Freepik

Crossed Swords by Twitter

Creature models derived from 3d printable models made by Miguel Zavala that he has shared with the world. Check them out, they are not only awesome, they are reason enough to buy a 3d printer!

Game sounds from and, also special thanks to:

Knocked Unconscious sound by ani_music

Combat Success sound by plasterbrain

Combat Miss sound by Kayden Riggs

Local notification sound from

A big thanks to anyone and everyone that played and/or made the role-playing games of my youth. From AD&D, Car Wars, Paranoia and many others on the tabletop, to Wizardry, Bards Tale, Ultima, Wasteland, Pool of Radiance and all the others on the computer – thank you!

Thanks to Kyle Terrill and Robbye Rob for testing Android game builds.

A special thanks to Joe Potter and John Potter for their ideas, feedback and willingness to play and test the game from its early days when nothing worked (or was spelled) right.

Finally, the biggest thanks and appreciation go out to Carolyn. For putting up with late nights, long hours of coding and endless focus on this crazy game I made.  I love you, babe!